Content creation

Creating and producing content is at the heart of our expertise. Tell us about yourself… we want to embody your story, your brand, and your objectives, so that we can create exclusive and personalized content that actually represent you. Then, thanks to a well-thought out strategy for your social media and other web platforms, we make sure to optimize your reach.

Visual identity

  • Creating visual identities for the web
  • Graphic design

Photos and videos

  • Designing, organizing, realizing professional photo shoots
  • Designing, organizing, and realizing promotional and corporate videos


  • Blog articles
  • Writing online advertisements and social publications
  • Creating editorial calendars


Do you want to promote your event online? Social media is the best way to stand out and make your event known. Caribou offers global coverage.


  • Designing social strategies
  • Content calendar development and writing
  • Social platform event creation and promotion
  • Social media ad management and creation

During the event

  • Live animation and management of the event on social media
  • Photo and video production (Photo booth available)
  • Social wall setup and management


  • Distribution and promotion of content about the event (ex: articles and press reviews)
  • Strategic watch
  • Post-Mortem / Report

Social media

Do you want to improve and optimize your presence online? Today, social media is the best way to rapidly and substantially increase the visibility and notoriety of your brand and/or company. Social media allows you to constantly and directly interact with your customers. Allowing you to instantly and directly connect with your customers, social media offers multiple possibilities such as; reaching new customers, reinforce your reputation, creating business relationships, promoting online customer experiences and much more!

Content strategy

  • Analyzing your online and social platform presence
  • Developing and redacting a social marketing plan
  • Social strategy design – Defining an editorial line per platform
  • Developing a unique visual identity on the web, for your enterprise
  • Creating, planning, and writing editorial calendars

Community management

  • Updating and optimizing your social media presence
  • Animation and management of online communities
  • Visual design
  • Programming and managing contests
  • Strategic watch


  • Creation and management of advertising and social media advertising campaigns
  • Producing personalized analysis and performance reports

Consultation and training

You want to manage your social networks yourself, but don’t have the tools to do it?
We offer social media consultation and training services so that you can stand on your feet.
Contact us for more information on the cost of our training services